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9:30 am

Sunday Morning Bible Study

10:45 am




6:00 pm

Visitation starting March 24


6:00 am

The Divine Mentor: Growing Your Faith As You Sit at the Feet of the Savior by Wayne Cordeiro; Facilitated by pastor

(February 25-April 9; Meeting at Cracker Barrel for 6 weeks; one week allowed for Spring break March 11)


 Coming Soon!

Movies recommended by your pastor! Check them out!

This is a great movie to take your lost friends to!  It is a well written and acted movie!  Coming out March 21!  Starring Kevin SORBO, Shane HARPER, NEWSBOYS, Willie and Korie ROBERTSON.


This is the funniest movie I have seen in ages!!! I laughed until I cried!  It comes out Mother’s Day Weekend.  That means it opens Friday, May 9.  Kids, take or send your mom to this movie!  I GUARANTEE she’ll love it!  Starring Sarah DREW, Sean ASTIN, Patricia HEATON, Alex HENDRICK and Trace ADKINS.


5:15 pm  Wednesday Night Meal


6:00 pm

Worship Kids Style (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

GA’s (Girls, 1st-6th grade)

RA’s (Boys, 1st-6th grade)

A Biblical Study  (Youth) upstairs in Room 200 led by Bro. Bill Burch
The Book of Joshua led by Bro. Terry     

The Gospel of John  (Ladies)by Max Lucado, facilitated by Terry Stevens, Room 100F


30 Days to Understanding the Bible (Ladies)-by Dr.  Max Anders (13-week study) facilitated by Emily Blankinship, Room 100E

Mantalk in the Mancave! (Men)- Room 100B


7:00 pm

Worship Choir Rehearsal