Pastor’s Blog

July 11, 2017
In Ephesians 4:27 in the NASB we read “do not give the devil an opportunity.” Interesting thought. We understand the value of taking advantage of the right type of opportunities. However, when we are looking at the enemy and we are presented with an opportunity to move in the wrong direction this is, in reality for us, and invalid opportunity. It is not in our best interests to move forward with the opportunity that is being presented to us and therefore should consider it not valid (invalid). Consider it the coupon that has expired and is no longer good. In our case the things that can harm us became invalid the moment we put our faith in Jesus Christ. So when presented with them now we can see sin as expired-no longer powerful or valid for us. My friend, if there are invalid opportunities that are presenting themselves as valid in your life you have the power through prayer to remove them and tell them goodbye for good. Your forgiveness in Jesus Christ is complete and you are free to live in God’ s grace and to see all potential temptations as “Invalid Opportunities.”